Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Bubble & squeak

Friday morning was a really cool moment for “us” – we use the phrase “Luna’s family” fairly often – and this one of the first times we’ve backed up that with our own families.

Yuki came back to work almost two weeks ago now, and has been coping marvelously with work demands while looking after Hijiri; Hijiri has been coping bravely with his mummy being very busy, lots of people invading his space and the phone going off all the time. I think both are doing really well, and I need to thank Taka as well for being flexible about schedules too.

Eleanor came to help me teach a lesson while Yukari was in her own class. She was so well behaved I was blushing with pride. She’s so good with people – and everyone at Luna is being so good with her. Mutual admiration society.

Here you can see the next generation Luna getting some valuable work experience – move over oldies….Eleanor & Hijiri on the case now!

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