Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Mother Teresa

What did Mother Teresa do in these years?

:: 1910-28 ::
Agnes Gonxha(=Mother Teresa) was born on 26 August 1910.
Mother Teresa's father died in 1918. Then she was good Christian.
She wanted to be a nun in India in 1923. On 25 September 1928, she went to the home of the Loreto nuns in Ireland to become a nun in India. After thirteen weeks, she reached in India.

:: 1929-31 ::
1929-30, she became nuns' school teacher. And she moved to one of the Loreto nuns' schools in Calcutta. She was very busy, and there was no entertainment. But she was happy, because she lived for God, and she remembered his love.

:: 1932-48 ::
1932-44: She was a teacher at Loreto Entally.
1944-48: She was the head teacher.
1943-46: The years were very bad years for Calcutta. 3,000,000 people died of famine. So, she wanted to work for a poor people.

:: 1948-65 ::
She got permission to work for poor people by head of the Catholic Church in Calcutta. She began to work alone. First, she became to teacher for street children. And she worked for dying people.
There were twelve nuns with her in 1950. In 1952, the government Calcutta gave her a big building, and she started a home for dying people there.
1952-1962: They worked only in Calcutta.
1962-1972: They started to work away from Calcutta too.

:: 1965-97 ::
In 1969, there was a TV program about her. So, she became very famous person.
In 1979, the Nobel Peace Prize went to her.
In 1980s, there were Missionaries of Charity in 100 countries.
In September 1997, she died at the home of the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta. Many poor people and important people came to her home to see her and say goodbye to her.

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