Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Cambridge Training session for Examiners of YLE

Sunday is a day of rest for some, but for others Sunday is a good day for a vigorous training session, where dedicated teachers can spend the day thrashing it out, extending their knowledge and honing their teaching skills.

The training itself covered all the aspects of becoming an Oral Examiner for the Cambridge YLE, from using the materials correctly to becoming familiar with the assessment criteria. The session provided practical hands on experience with the materials and incorporated grueling practice with the assessment of candidates.

As a teacher I found the course especially useful as I now have a better understanding of how the exams are run and what is expected of children interested in doing the Young Learner Examinations. It has also given me a lot to think about; where my classes are going and how best I can guide my students should they want to do one of the Young Learners Exams someday.

Of course it is an added bonus for the school, as better qualified teachers means better tuition for the students.

Thanks Jim for an interesting and informative session. A day well spent.

When's the next one?