Monday, 17 March 2008

Welcome back Yuki - and Hijiri

Mummy's little helper Hijiri has joined the team! As you can see, he is on his mum's back making sure things go as smoothly as possible on Yuki's return to front-line action!

We were very lucky to have Maki step into Yuki's slippers for the last six months or so; Yuki's first question on her first day back last Monday was "What's been going on then?" which is pretty much impossible to answer! Lots and lots, with new faces in classes and classes in different places, teachers in new schedules, new teachers and a rearranged office - no office complete without a cot in the corner, is it?!

Having Yuki back is a shot in the arm for all of us, with spring here as well. We are very excited to have the chance to get to know Hijiri too, and I am sure he is going have a great time making lots of friends and hanging out with the grown ups. I think we'll call him the 'supervisor' for now. What do you think?

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