Monday, 24 March 2008

Oral Examiner Training in Tokyo

Two training weekends in a row, this time in Tokyo at Trevor Joseph's cosy school in Akasaka (King's Road School of English). Mercifully, his brand new DVD/TC system eventually worked - I think pressing all the buttons on the remote did the trick!

As last week in Matsumoto, new OEs were shown what was expected of them in giving the speaking tests (at the three levels of Young Learners - Starters, Movers & Flyers), and plenty of practice using Cambridge ESOL's assessment scales to mark candidates. We had an interesting discussion about being able to "understand" accents from different countries.

On this occassion we had eight new OEs successfully complete training after a tiring all-day session. Congratulations to all for participating and doing such a good job, and a large 'thank you' to Trevor for letting us use his premises. Some OEs travelled a very long way indeed (from Nikko!) to be with us, which shows the level of commitment involved.

I would also like to thank Reiko, Catherine, Yoko for examining YLE for us this Easter weekend at four schools in Tokyo, Tochigi & Kanagawa. We really appreciate your efforts, and to the supervisors at Banana Kids, MLS, Kincarn & BES "well done" for being well-organised & on the ball!

Next up will be two OE Co-ordination sessions at King's Road on April 6th - stay tuned!

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