Monday, 24 March 2008


I'm sure we all remember this game from when we were kids.. but how does it relate to learning English? Well, the answer is simple and relates to the game itself. The game requires the player to choose a path on which to hop, and it is on this choice that the game is based. Of course once the player has completed the course chosen it is only natural to look back and assess the performance. Usually "AW! Schucks!" ensues but that is another matter. Much like skittles I guess.. Mmmm, there's another idea! This assessment of performance is built into the game as part of the feedback component. So how does it work exactly? Well, I used place names instead of pebbles or squares, department store for example, laid out in the traditional hopscotch design. This forms the street. The player chooses a route along the busy main street by hopping from place to place until he/she reaches the other end. Once successfully navigated the player is to report on where he/she went using the past simple positive and negative. I went to the post office. I didn't go to the pet shop. And thus a language game is born. Lots of fun and great practice too! Well done girls!