Friday, 21 March 2008

Grrreat little kids!

I don't usually teach this class - but I did teach them when they started - and I have a very soft spot for them! I taught them last week and again this week so we're renewing old friendships!

Except they've all grown up! D used to burst into tears as soon as he came to class - now he's indestructible; shouting out answers, dancing like a loon, and grinning ear to ear...brilliant!

Today we played a straight forward game of Bingo. But I made it hard - describing the objects first, with words they know (colour, shape, size, "delicious" etc) to guess. I was expecting this game to last about 10 minutes, but D, Masa, K, & Yuuna-chan were having such a blast I let them go until we found a 'winner'. Amazingly (ha! ha!) we all finished at the same time :)

Looking forward to more giggles and hijinks next Friday! (Steven, you have no idea how much you missed. Not yet, anyway.)