Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Scandal in Bohemia

How did Holmes solve the mystery? Choose one of the stories and explain.

I choose "The Red-Headed League" in the stories. Sherlock Holmes did three main things to solve the mystery.
- Interview
- Deduction
- Demonstration

Sherlock Holmes listened to the client, looked at objective evidences carefully and asked the client important questions about his explanation. Moreover, Watson's questions were very useful for organizing various information which the client brought for him.

Sherlock Holmes thought a lot about the mystery deeply for three-quarters of an hour in order to make a hypothesis. And then he finished reaching a deduction after he saw a suspect at the locality and looked around the square.

Sherlock Holmes went to the bank near the locality with Watson and waited a long time for thieves with a banker and inspector. Finally, they could catch thieves as Holmes expected.

Sherlock Holmes solved the mystery by three main things.

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