Thursday, 22 May 2008

'Anne of Green Gables' an appendix by Minemura

It has been a year since Mathew had gone. Anne and Marilla missed him very much. Marilla was also not well, and she could not read and write well. She had to be careful about her eyes, and was wearing glasses. But she was very happy because Anne was with her. She had been working as a teacher at a school in Avonlea since she graduated from college.
One Saturday afternoon Anne's friend Gilbert visited Anne and Marilla in Avonlea. He was also a teacher and worked in the next village. He had also grown up to be a nice teacher. Marilla was very pleased by him. Anne and Gilbert were talking about the teaching life. Marlla was very happy because they were good friends. While Anne was in the kitchen, Marilla said to Gilbert, who was very tall and goodlooking "You are just like your father and remind me of him when he was younger. Your father John and I were very good friends you know. I am very happy if you like Ann and help her. Gilbert said, "Yes, Ann is nice. I like Ann."
Sometimes Gilbert visited Green Gables and helped Ann and Marilla. Ann thought he was very kind and gentle. One day Ann asked him "Why did you call me Red Hair, Carrot?" He answered "I was sorry to say Carrot, but I liked your red hair. It was prettier and more charming than any other hair."
Ann understood him and they were married next spring.
The apple trees on Green Gables were full of sweet-smelling, snowy-white flowers. Soon they had a pretty baby.
Marilla was glad and became very well. She told the baby about Mathew and Green gables. Ann and Gilbert could continue teaching and kept beautiful Green Gables house. Marilla was very happy and lived her long life until 100 years old.
-The end-

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jim said...


This is an excellent piece of writing - well done! You must have worked really hard on it, and thank you for posting it on to the blog Tana.

In 1986 I hitch-hiked across Canada with my mate Dave. One of the places we passed through was the town in New Brunswick famous for the house "Green Gables" where Anne lived. It's a beautiful part of the world, I must say.

I think you liked the story so much you bought the book for your grand-daughters as well!? That's so cool! I hope you will be writing about another book soon?

Well done - Jim