Sunday, 4 May 2008

Forrest Gump

This was a story of a man.
He was called Gump. People thinked that he was foolish. However, he was very obedience and gentle man.He met many people, and some of them help him.One girl, who is Jenny, often help him in his life. He had many experienced in this story.He was a soldier, a wrestler, a actor, a chess player.Sometime, he met embarrassing things and sad thing, but his life had many happy things.


Tana Benzon said...

It sounds like an interesting story. Now you can watch the film! In English!!!!!

Tana X

jim said...

I didn't like the film I'm afraid. Found it all too wishy washy American happy ending kind of fluff. The only good movie Tom Hanks has been in was "Saving Private Ryan", in my opinion...