Monday, 12 May 2008

Circle Games

1.Which of the stories is about....
a. a 'difficult' boy in the USA? Special Clay
b. a clever boy in Singapore? The Trishaw Man
c. American tourists in England? The Wheel on the Wall
d. an archaeology student in the UK? Beautiful Thing
e. a story-teller in a cafe? Quick Man Tan

4.Which story did you like best, and why?
'Special Clay' is.
I read the story while feeling excited.
How does Emilio recover from 'Difficult'? What action does Emilio do after the car collides? How does Emilio help Mrs McFee?
I was impressed though he respected her very much.

8.Do you prefer reading several short stories or one longer one? Why/ why not?
I prefer reading several short stories to one longer story. A short story can be easily read.