Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Amsterdam Connection

The Amsterdam Connection is a name of a syndicate which manages football betting in Amsterdam. This is a murder story with players and owners of RCFC (Rotterdam City Football Club). Mr. Martijin Christiaans who is a mastermind of the Amsterdam connection is earning a large amount of money by fixed game. Kate’s last message was very impressive for me, “Some things never changed”

Q2. Imagine you are making a film of the book. Which actors would you choose to play the main characters? Would you make any changes to the story?

I put following actor and actress in my film. It seems a bit expensive.

Kate Jensen: a news reporter on the Daily Echo in London. She’s adept at karate.
Actress: Cameron Diaz

Elly van Praage: a policewoman in the Amsterdam police and Kate’s friend
Actress: Jodie Foster

Martijin Christiaans: a Dutch businessman. He is a mastermind of the Amsterdam connection.
Actor: Robert De Niro

I guess this story was made as basing of fixed scandal in Serie A. Then I think I should change the story based on real cases. In this case, the football team should be Real Madrid C.F, and the title maybe “Madrid connection”?