Saturday, 10 May 2008

House by the Sea

At the end of the story, John says he had kept the bag 'So that I never forget how easy it is to lose the things you love'.Do you keep any objects or remind you of someone or something? (After reading Q1.)

I keep a photo of my family. That photo is in my schedule notebook that I am carrying anytime and anywhere.


jim said...


Your answer to the question is shorter than the question. Please take the chance here to explain a bit more - stretch yourself. Use the ideas in the story to help you develop you ideas at least into a paragraph?


Keigo said...

Hi, Yuji,
Before,I was too shy to put photo of my family on desk.
But, when I go to U.S on a business trip, I saw almost all people display photos of their family on their desk. And they are proud of it.
I was influenced, so a desktop picture of my PC is of my children, now. (I am still too shy to use photo of my wife. I am Japanese...)

かわごん said...

Hi, Jim
Thanks comment and add the title. I want to try longer comment than a question. But I don't have time now.

Hi, Keigo
I agree with you. I'm Japanese too. If I were you, I will display a photo of family and your beatiful, wonderful, sweet house.

jim said...

Yuji, Keigo,

I don't have a photo of my wife & daughter on my desk either (it's too untidy!). I think I should tidy up a bit and make space.


Taka said...

I finish reading this book. This was a sad story. I'll often talk our future with my wife.

3. Carl is the most important character in the story. What do you like or dislike about him?

What I like about Carl.
He works hard. He bought the house by the sea, when Linda wanted it. He loved her forever.
What I dislike about Carl.
He didn’t consider her feeling, but only his desire. He thought that Linda had been killed by Tom. He couldn’t speak the truth to his acquaintance, when he was looking for Linda.