Tuesday, 20 May 2008

After reading "A Matter of Chance"

After reading A Matter of Chance, how important do you think chance has been in your life?

I was fun to read this story. In some chapters I couldn’t stop reading. Question is about chance in my life. I’ve never think about chance I had before. I mean that the chance is a very good opportunity to do something or to change the direction which I want to head. About 20 years ago, I had chance to take my post in Amsterdam but I didn’t. In about 1986, my colleague invited me to go paragliding. I got the chance to start paragliding. If I hadn’t the chance, I wouldn’t injure my legs. In some senses, these were all matters of chance and its influence was serious in my life. However I don’t think that chance is everything. It is only an opportunity. I believe that depends on how we look at it in the end.