Friday, 16 May 2008

After reading 2: Campbell was sent to prison for fifteen years. How long do you think Baxter should stay in prison?

I think Baxter should stay in prison more than fifteen years. Because Baxter
killed two people on purpose and destroyed evidence on the murder case.

10. Here is the blurb from another book at this level.
A married couple, Carl and Linda Anderson, buy a house by the sea to spend
their weekends. But one weekend Linda does not arrive at the house and Carl begins to worry. What has happened to her? Who is the taxi driver that follows Carl? And how much do the people in the village really know?

Do you want to read The House by the Sea?
Yes, I do. Since I wanted to know about it in a little more detail, I looked for the information on the Internet. After I ran throw the catalogue web page, I'd really like to read it.

Posted for Hiroaki