Monday, 12 May 2008

Happy Birthday Blog!

Hard to believe but our blog is already a year old! I was really surprised when I realised at the end of last week, and have been having a look at some of the statistics.

I added a counter to the blog in November; in the last six months we've had 4047 hits. That is an average of about 20 a day. Exactly half of all visitors are 'unique' or first time.

The map shows us in some detail where visitors are checking us out from. "Luna" is Spanish for moon, so I am not surprised we get a lot of traffic from South America & southern Europe. However, why we are popular in Iraq, India or western Africa is a mystery (must be all the good writing!). We have been read from South Africa to Iceland, Hawaii to New Zealand.

Our blog is busiest on Mondays; the busiest time of day is 5am. (I think this can't be local time! Maybe US time zone?). There are 124 authors registered, and there have been 212 posts. Another 40 or so people have been invited but have not yet signed up (shy?!).

We have also added a lot of useful content on the right-hand margin; links to sites for learners, weather forecast & dictionary to name a few. We have also had very popular photo contest and a number of polls. If you keep missing stuff, subscribe! Get the latest posts straight to your mail box.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed in the last twelve months. I think we have got off to a great start, with a lot of interesting work, opinions and reviews. Keep it up, and remember to tell your friends too! This time next year, Manchester United will be defending their European title....