Wednesday, 4 March 2009


After reading #2

Tilly's story
In December 2004, ten-year-old Tilly Smith and her family went on holiday to Thailand
Tilly was on the beach one day where they stayed in a hotel on the coast.
She had learned all about the signs of a tsunami at school, so she immediately warned her family and other tourists about the danger when she saw the sea was moving back very quickly from the land. Tilly returned to Thailand a year later, and She spoke there to thousands of people about kindness and bravery.

Edith's story
On 10 April 1912, Edith Brown and her parents, Thomas and Elizabeth, left England on the Titanic because they wanted to start a new life in the United State.
When the Titanic suddenly hit an iceberg on the night of 14 April, Thomas immediately ran to his family and told them to put on warm clothes.
Edith and Elizabeth found seats in the lifeboat, but sadly there weren’t enough places for everybody.
Poor Thomas died in the water along with many other people, so Edith never saw her father again.