Sunday, 22 March 2009

Examiners in action

Saturday saw eight of our recently trained oral examiners get the chance to examine 'real' candidates as Luna International conducted the first session of KET & PET exams at Meijo University in Nagoya.

It was an early start for Yuki & Jim, leaving the office at 4am in order to avoid traffic problems. Another early start is becoming a bit of a routine. Supervisor Jun managed things calmly all day, and I am pleased to say that with an abundance of invigilators and ushers, everything went very smoothly. The amount of paperwork and sorting, checking, securing can be stressful, so it was important that everyone was shown what was expected of them nad how to handle 'what ifs?'

Thank you Yuki for being on the ball all day, and to Jun for 'being the boss'. Thank you and well done OEs, invigilators and ushers, and fingers-crossed for all the candidates that they did as well as they hoped. Results will be available to them in about six weeks, online.

Next KET & PET session will be on June 6th at various venues - enter now!