Wednesday, 4 March 2009

When Summer Comes

I thought this book is common types of love story. It was true. But the last phrase of this story, “Anna’s heart froze”. My heart also froze. Actually this book was boring for me, but I really want to know what happens to Anna, Stephen and Tristan after the end of the story.

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After reading

5. On page 80, Stephen tells Anna: ‘I’ve just seen Tristan. He’s just told me something.’ Write the conversation between Tristan and Stephen.

‘Thank you for your check, Stephen. Then Dolphin Cottage is yours. I’ll go to the bank to exchange this check for cash for buying new boat. Thank you, Stephen” said Tristan. “By the way, did Anna tell you about our affair on Wave Dancer yesterday? Please say thanks to her.” added Tristan with a laugh. “What?” said Stephen. “I don’t know. Please ask Anna.” Tristan leaves there with his check.