Saturday, 14 March 2009

Not just "A Pretty Face"

Jim: Mai, you have just read "A Pretty Face" - well done - did you enjoy the book?
Mai: Yes,I did, because it's exiting.
J: How?
M: A woman had wig and glasses
J: I see. If I wear a wig and glasses will I be exciting too?
M: May be.
J: Do have a wig I could borrow?
M: No,I don't.If you go to a wig shop,you can get one.
J: Tell me more about the story, please.
M: The main character is Zoe. She is a student, and actless. She was angry with a boy, so he wrote a bad story about her.
J: That's not very nice! Would you do that?
M: If I were in her place, I'd be angry too.
J: Is Zoe a cool person?
M: Yes, she is, because she is wonderful. She can do lots of things, like work in a book store and act on stage.
J: Would you like to be an actress?
M: No I wouldn't, because I don't like standing in front of people. I want a job where I don't meet a lot of people. I want to work in a small breadshop.
J: That sounds lovely - can you bake?
M: No, I can't...
J: Yesterday was Friday 13th - did anything bad happen to you?
M: No, it didn't.
J: Are you superstitious?
M: No, I'm not. I am a little bit crazy though.
J: I think you are very sensible! Thank you for talking to me today - I will let you get back to your studying; have a good class with Tana next week :)