Thursday, 5 March 2009

MOVIE CLUB, Sat, 21st March 2009

Hi everyone,

The event we've all been waiting for... Movie Night at Luna International!

We'll start at about 8pm with time for a bring and share meal before hand. The film hasn't been finalised but we've had a few suggestions... how about we vote on it? And of course any suggestions are welcome!
So far we have: Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Wallace and Grommit, The Mask, Million Dollar Baby, Forest Gump, The Green Mile, Chance, Taxi, The Negotiator, and A Kramer Kramer.

And for the rugby fans out there, Jim will be in at about 11pm to watch the tri-nations rugby and I'm sure he'd love a little like-minded company!!

It's a double booking not to be missed!!

So bring your popcorn - or snack of preference - and soda/beer/whatever and join us for an evening of light entertainment.

Hope to see you there!