Saturday, 14 March 2009

Reading club - Old Rock meeting

I met "my lads" last night in the pub for a pint; they have earned a drink because of their very hard work in my class the last six months - well, two years now...

I have to say I am really impressed with this bunch because they are forever challenging each other to 'speak English' - and they really do try hard. Last night was no different, and we had a really good chat (some topics we really can't do when I am 'on the clock') about all sorts of stuff. For example, are Osaka girls hotter than Yamagata beauties? Shikoku - backwater or home of mental matsuri? Should Satoru come back and study with us - or concentrate on his 19 year old playmate? Serious things to ponder as we monitored the quality of the Guinness.

Naomi joined us and the tone civilised; she also works in IT so the boys had a lot to chat about, especially as her daughter and Ya-chan's son study at Luna. Just to cap things off, one of my ex-students from NHK told everyone (quite rightly) what an amazing guy I am! (Actually, I was a bit embarrassed)

In April 'my lads' will recommence their studies; I am sure they will continue to make great progress and read everything that is put in front of them. Classes like this (which started from scratch, I need to add) make my day. Every now and again they make my evening too! Thanks lads!

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