Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Adventure to Boston

~WFNS (The World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies)~

“Seeing is believing.”
I think this word was for this time.

I joined to the WFNS in Boston, where I stayed from 29th August to 5th September. This was my first contact with USA, surely Boston.

From the very beginning, I had a lot of troubles, which were airline delay,
room reservation, registration fee, and so on. But now that I think about it, they all were treasures of my experiences.
Really, Boston is a very big, beautiful and long-established city.

On 1st and 2nd day, first of all, I wanted to know about Boston. I visited several places, especially Trinity Church was very nice and impressive.
I couldn’t enter it but I found that the atmosphere was solemn at first glance.
Through these two days, I could acquire that Boston was really big again.

From 3rd to 5th days, I attended the WFNS sessions.I listened to many respectable sessions, and it made me realize that
Japanese neurosurgeons were so great and the presentations by Professor Hongo were wonderful. His presentations had contents about clipping of aneurysm and Robotics.
They were so not only clear-cut but also visible and intelligent that I wanted to make a presentation like them some day. I was very proud of a member of our team Shinshu University in Japan.

Of course, the sessions were very wonderful, but many encounters were also the same. I met many professors and residents. The meeting with them stimulated my motivation.

Also every night, lavish ceremonies were put on, which were at the Symphony Hall, the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, Marriott Hotel, etc.