Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A Nightmare before Christmas

Hello Tana!

I read nightmare before Christmas.

This is a story that Jack of skeleton tries to do Halloweentown to the Christmastown.
And, Jack wanted to become Santa Claus.
But, will it be impossible?

The face of the child who saw Santa Claus of skeleton is very white.
Did the witch ask Jack ,"A boy inside the box of Christmas present?"
Jack said "No!! A toy!!"
Did the vampire ask him "Can we use blood for the red decorations?"
Jack said " No!! no blood!! "
Halloweentown's people didn't understand Christmas.
That is funny.
So, the end is happy feelings .

Everyone loves Santa Claus.
And, he loves everyone.
He is very wonderful!

I knew Halloween with "ET" .
Now, it is known well also in Japan .
Halloween is coming soon!

Happy Halloween Tana!

See you later.

Your student,

Kazuko Maruyama