Monday, 12 October 2009

Holiday postcard (homework)

Dear Tana!

Hope you're OK.
I arrived in Athens in Greece last night and I am staying here for four days.
So I am staying at the hotel where I can see the ruins of the Acropolis.

Today I came to the island by one day cruising, that How beautiful the sea is!
In Athens, the whole town is historic spots.
Here is also delicious seafood and there are many kinds of yogurts.
Tonight I will eat Greek foods in a Greek restaurant TAVERNA !

When I get back from the trip, let's meet.
OK then, good bye

Your student Kazuko Maruyama.


Tana Benzon said...

Dear Kazuko

TAVERNA is very interesting!!
I hope you will not be fat.
It sounds delicious!

Mutsumi & Tana & Tomoko

jim said...

Hi Kazuko,

Did you visit the Acropolis too? Isn't it an amazing view from the Temple?

Enjoy some retsina in the Taverna.