Friday, 23 October 2009


Q37. Compare the two teachers, Miss Honey and Miss Trunchpole.

Miss Honey likes children, so she is always really nice and kind to kids.
She is pretty and she is young. She likes Matilda and really thanks Matilda for saving her life from Miss Trunchpole. (Miss Trunchpole took all Miss Honey's money). Miss Honey doesn't throw people or scream either, and she doesn' shout.

Miss Trunchpole throws people by the ears and hair, and because she does that, she is not nice. She always shouts to kids, and screams too. She doesn`t like children and she is disgustingly ugly. Miss Trunchpole is mean and she hates Matilda, and she takes all the money from Miss Honey.

I like Miss Honey because she's nice. I like me school teacher, but she sometimes screams because she's mad of people who don't do homework, like a boy in my class. She likes to draw flowers - she's really good at it; she let's us draw too, looking at a real flower.

This is my plan about Miss Honey and Miss Trunchpole. "Nothing" means Miss Honey is not mean, and Miss Trunchpole is not nice.

Posted by Haruka (10)