Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Puzzles and trains

We just can't help ourselves at the moment, having so much fun with numbers and colours - and animals and fruit and so much more. We are starting to 'organise' things into sets, and remember where things are. Puzzles and matching activities are a lot of fun, discovering connections as we go.

We were also very busy this morning figuring out how to put the train set together. It was a bigger job than we expected, and it took all hands to work it out! It is no ordinary set either - there are whistles and crossing noises, and even flashing lights on the bridge.

Bad news is that our favourite video got eaten by the machine. It will be a while before we can replace it, but the girls already know and can sing the 'Green, green grass' song. No one likes trolls very much, so we don't sing that song! A new one we learned this week instead was the Grand Old Duke of York, along with marching up and down!