Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New York - after reading

Choose a city in your country. Write a short guide for foreign tourists. What should they see and do?

You might already have read or heard about some famous view points in Matsumoto, e.g. The Matsumoto castle, Kamikochi.

I would prefer some other spots where are my favorite and amazing places.

1. There are many beautiful small springs and wells around city center. You can visit and taste some clean rich mineralized springwater within about 30-minute walk from city center. Off course it's free.

2. Have you ever seen watermelon field after summer? I was amazed that there were lots of various size of watermelons on a field, just watermelons on the ground!

3. I live in an apartment near Matsumoto station. Every resident in our apartment operates parking lot machine. It might be unusual thing in your country.

See and take pictures how a car is going to apear from underground, if you want, it's OK!

4. If you rend a car, you should go to a gas station, not a self-servise st. You can experience many free services while you are waiting for refueling it up. In Japan, one or two staffs will clean up all windows and garbage of your car.. And if you have more time, they will check oil level, wheels pressure, etc. I think it's good for safety driving..