Tuesday, 25 August 2015

After reading Secret in the Farmhouse

Write about an act of bravery that you have personally witnessed or experienced.

Every summer, Nippon Television who is one of main television stations broadcasts a program entitled "24 Hour Television".  This program's purpose is to introduce many activity or challenge by disability persons and to collect donations for improving environmental for disability persons.

Main event all through the program "24 Hour Television" is marathon by a talent and this year talent named "Daigo" run 100 km for the finish line at an arena named "Budokan".

At 24 Hour Television, I saw a 13-years old boy who lives in Minowa town, near Ina city, in Nagano prefecture. He has a heart condition and a physical difficulty, and until now, he experienced much pain in 5-times big surgery and in the stay at the hospital and his life has some limits.

But, he is very cheerful person and gave me some brave messages.

  • "Someone is tall in height and someone is short in height.  My heart condition and physical difficulty is just individual character and I don't feel sorry for myself."
  • "Everyone has something good"
  • "I am very happy to just live my life as usual."

I thought he experienced many many hardest things and he overcame his pains at the age of just 13-years old. Our difficulty is not of matter compared with the hardest things he may experienced.
I was impressed with his kind/bravery message and his family including his younger 5-years brother.