Saturday, 8 August 2015

Seven - book review

This book is about detectives who find a clue to the last deadly sin, Envy...I think the most exciting and most aggressive part is when the assistant shoots the murderer, Doe, in the head.

The story is about a crazy-minded man being jealous of happy people and kills seven of them, leaving Deadly Sins' names somewhere. The given sins' names are related to the case of the person who was murdered. There are seven different ways of killing the victims, but I'm not going to say how they die because if so, the stroy will be ruined.

I loved the idea of using the seven deadly sins' names. It was amazing & fresh. I also loved the way of killing people and the backgrounds of the victims. What I didn't like so much was that it was a little bit too bloody & I think the book is not suitable for kids.

I my opinion, this book was written for teens, and bloody scenes are required, so maybe you'll like it.

Posted for Shimei.