Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Phantom of the Opera - another letter to the Persian

To my friend to my only friend

I have been hungry and disired for love, and now I found it at last. I don`t want anything anymore. Now I don`t regret anymore. 
I was born with scaring face. It`s not mother`s fault I know. But my mother scared me,never watched my face and never kissed me. Then she would like hate me gradually. 
I prefered and admired beautiful things,buildings,art, music and so on. I made my house in the deep underground of the Opera House secretly. And I remade some secret passages to be able to move freely. I could enjoy watching stageplays as a invisible man.
I have been satisfied this life till I found my Angel, Christine Daae. I was fascinated her voice like songs from heaven. I loved her passionately, then I wanted to marry her.
I tried to eliminate ones to interrupt my action without mercy. 
Some time she was going to leave the Opera House for love.
Desparately I took her away from stage and forced her to marry me, you knew that. She said “yes”,and she kissed me voluntarily. 
Then the world changed. I lost the reason to stay here, to live more. 
I will go somewhere never been in. 
Good-bye friend. I`m sorry and thank you for everything.


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