Wednesday, 12 August 2015

An honest appraisal of a commuter's driving skills

I think I am bad driver.

Every weekday, I am usually ready to go to the office 13-15 min. before starting an operating time.

We had waked up earlier (ex, 15 min. earlier) in order to get ready to go to the office earlier. I left my house just 2-3 min. earlier because my preparation became slowly without realizing.

So, I gave up to waking up earlier.

To get back to talking about bad driver, due to late preparation, I need to hurry and usually increase speed and sometimes stop quickly.

That is, I have no time to stop for a car oncoming lane or a person who wants to cross the road without crosswalk and to stop at a point where a yellow light is flashed.

Near work, there are 2 schools, and many students are walking in my commuting line. One time, I almost got into an accident. I am always afraid that I may have a car accident some day.

In Matsumoto, it is difficult for us to live without car. In order to keep my car license and to be good driver, I am trying to shorten the time of my preparation.

Name withheld!

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