Sunday, 9 August 2015

Dodgy neighbours - suspicious Miyuki

Which of your neighbours could be a master criminal? 

I think the neighbour in next to right side could be a master criminal.

The family is really strange for me and I suppose there is secret in their house. I heard the father is normal office worker but he drives high class car such as Mercedes, Lexus. In addition, he often changes the luxury car. Their children went to high school in China. I think there is a secret to earn money.

The oldest boy has a child and they lived together with their parents. The child is small but I cannot hear any voice or crying from the house. I have never seen a child. Normally, I can hear any voice from house where is child. It is really strange for me.

I'm wondering if the house has thick wall with good quality.

As there are people can speak Chinese, they could contact with China and import or export some goods illegally. Just imagine..

So, I think they could be a master criminal.

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