Thursday, 13 August 2015

Independence Day - schoolgirl's experience in San Diego

I have not cruised for a long trip, but I have a good memory that I’ve seen fireworks from a ship.
It was fun, so let me write down the experience here.

I’ve been to a city, called Oceanside, near to San Diego, USA. My host family had a neighbor in good relation. My host family had four children, and the youngest girl was about 20 years old. The neighbor had two boys, and the oldest boy was the same age as her. They were friends from childhood, so it might also bond their parents.

The neighbor had a ship which is about 5 meter long in the port of San Diego.

There are fireworks to celebrate independence on 4th of July every year. The neighbor invited us to see the fireworks from their ship. It was my first time to join the celebration of independence date, so I was excited.

The view of port was amazing with white clean ships. I strongly felt it was beautiful because I was grown up in mountain side. On the ship, we had a couple of glasses of wine, and saw fireworks on the ship. Everything was new to me who was from mountain side in Japan. I enjoyed the atmosphere, and appreciated the neighbor that I could experience one of American customs.

I hope to see the fireworks from a ship again.

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