Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Eyes wide shut - a nervous passenger

Photo credit: Jim George

Is there someone you know who drives badly? Write about a trip you made with them when you were afraid.

A few years ago, I went hiking with my friends. One of my friend drove to the mountain.

She drove fast. Her car’s seats were lower than mine. I felt the ground is close to me. I felt a little scare when I sat the seat.

There were a lot of curve on the way to the mountain. But she didn’t drive slowly when she drove curving road. I was afraid. Because one side of the road was cliff. And some time suddenly oncoming vehicle was appear from the rock. I couldn’t say “Please drive slowly” to her. Because she looked happy and she said “ I love to drive curving road!”

I tried to smile and I put a force with my legs.

I enjoyed hiking. But I felt tire than usual. And I haven’t got on her car after that. If I go hiking with her, I try to get on another car.

We went hiking last month. But I got on another car. She drove in front of ours. But soon we couldn’t see her car. We talked “Sorry to her car’s people. We drove carefully.”

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