Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Mallorca mystery

After Hannah went back to England, she goes to university to be a biologist.  She spent the special holiday in Mallorca Island and cannot forget about the beautiful blue sea.  At the same time, she regretted that she could not do anything for dead seal which she saw at the beach.  She wanted to help it, but she did not know anything about animals living in sea.

She has another reason.

During she spent holiday with her friend Joe, she felt her job at bank is really boring.  She finds her job is just for her money not for anyone else.  On the other hand, Joe studies Spanish literature at university.  Hannah wanted to study on what she is interested in and it would be better if her study could help other people.  After she could be a biologist, she wanted to work together with Ramon.
He is working for Spanish coast guard and she thought she could help him for protect the beautiful blue sea.  Through the experience that Ramon and Hannah went into the cave, she thought two people could do a greater job than only one person.

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