Saturday, 29 August 2015

Information sheet - Izakaya (a Japanese bar) in Japan

No shoes!
  • You have to be 20 to drink in an Izakaya. If you look young, sometimes ID card is required.
  • Some izakayas will have tatami areas. Be sure to remove your shoes before stepping on the tatami mats.
  • Many izakayas will have a locker with wooden keys. Make sure exactly where your locker is.
  • While being seated at your table, you will usually find a small white towel, called "Oshibori". You should wipe your hands before eating.
  • A lot of izakaya will automatically serve you a small dish when you are first seated. You have to pay a small charge for this dish.
  • Many people tend to start with beer. But there are various drink menues in izakayas.
  • You are allowed to smoke in izakaya in Japan.
  • In izakayas, it is traditional to share the dishes. As a group, sharing each dish by taking small plate.
  • When receiving drinks, it is polite to hold the glass with both hands. One hand should be underneath and one on the side.

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