Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Goldfish - The Mystery of the Stolen Pearls

Today, the insurance company announced the famous big pearls that calls the Leander pearls are found. They were stolen by Wally Sype. It was a maid-car robbery. Police announced he had hidden on the train, got into the mail car and shot the clerk. Then he took all the valuable mail and got away. But when they caught him later in Canada, they couldn’t get any of the stuff.  They sent him to Leavenworth prison for life, but they never proved he got the peals. According to one source, Mr. Sype said he never had the pearls. The pearls were on the train, and they were never seen again.

First of all, the pearls were bought by Sol Leander for his wife.  Just two of them cost two hundred grand at that time. The worth is not only how big they are.  The insurance company had been still offering a reward of twenty-five grand for them.

According to the insurance company’ announce, the rewards have given two people. There were some victims. It because the rewards were big, of course, and for a long time, nobody had found the pearls.

The insurance company has never said that who has got the rewards. But hopefully it will work for them that the pearls brought only for them who are lucky people, their own bright future. 

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