Thursday, 10 May 2018

A teacher's mother writes?!?! - Luna's Hanami BBQ 2018

Mother and son enjoying a beer together!
One of the hottest day in April 2018 in Matsumoto was a great day for me.  It was my 2nd visit to the Luna International School BBQ party since 2014.  Lovely to meet up and chat about with people whom I knew of from the previous party.  So many happy people shared the fun time at that day near Susuki river were students or parents of them or grandparents of them and a parent of a teacher like me.  It was absolutely fabulous BBQ party I must say.  There were plenty of food, chilled drinks.  The wonderful thing is that everyone of the attendance brought such a delicious and a gorgeous homemade cakes, sushi and Okazu.  Many brought their own outdoor picnic stuff like tables and chairs, parasols and such.  The cook, I assume that Jim was in charge of this important task of the day.  Hope he had enough chilled beers... 

I totally enjoy the warm, relaxed and caring atmosphere with the Luna International School bunch.  The younger students (I mean the teenage or younger) were not shy about responding back to me in English.  That is WOW. Thank you everyone at Luna for a wonderful day.

Posted for Damian's mum, Hideko

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