Friday, 18 May 2018

Picture Puzzle - Gangsters in Japan

My town is very peaceful. I`ve never locked the door of my house in day time. When I was young, I lived near Nagaya city. There were rice fields. It looks like peaceful, but that town was more dangerous than my town. I lived girls dormitory, there was a gangster`s boss`s house near the dormitory. It looks like common Japanese house, but Young gangsters came his house night time. His car changed every month, that was always imported car.

One day there were many police officers near my dormitory. We didn`t know what happened. That night, we watched TV news, we knew the reason. A murder run away near my town. He killed a man by a gun and robbed his car. We locked every doors and windows, checked again and again. We never walked outside night time till he was arrested. Two or three days after, the murder was arrested, we got ordinary life.

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