Saturday, 19 May 2018

The Last Leaf and Other Stories - Great Detective Ben Price's Diary

Yesterday I found Jimmy Valentine at last. It is surprising he became the owner of a little shoe shop. He had stolen big money just after released from prison. I asked a lot of people about Jimmy in this town. They didn’t know him. But they talked much about Ralph D. Spencer. He was Jimmy. I knew he was going to marry Annabel, the banker’s daughter. I thought I didn’t make him do that and I would arrest him.

  Today I followed and watched him from early morning. Jimmy was with Annabel’s family. An unexpected accident happened. At the bank a little Annabel’s sister was closed into the big safe, a new strong-room. It was just built yesterday. It had a very thick door and a complicated combination lock. The banker proud of it but he didn’t know the secret numbers to open it.  They cried and were in panic situations.

  Jimmy did.  He broke the safe, cut the door and the lock with his special tools. If he didn’t broke the safe the girl would die. If he didn’t do that he could marry Annabel. He stole big money. It’s true. He saved a little girl at the cost to lose his new life.  It’s true too.

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