Sunday, 6 May 2018

Bus service in western of Matsumoto

“Community bus” is one of the transportation services in Matsumoto city.  The service started from 2012 in order to secure the effective public transportation way in western area of Matsumoto city.
There are bus stations, but you can get off wherever you like except the crowed roads like Route19.  In addition, you can amass points every boarding.  The points can be exchanged to some services at some corporate shops.
In the meantime, the bus doesn’t go to Matsumoto station.  If you would like to Matsumoto station, you need to go to the nearest stations like Hirata or Niimura by bus and then you make a transfer to the train to Matsumoto directly.  In addition, the bus runs from 6:00 to 20:00 and it doesn’t run on Sunday, National holidays and during the year change period.  In case you drink in night or holidays, you can’t use the bus.
However, the bus service is well received by elderly people who don’t have car or can’t drive car.

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