Sunday, 28 March 2021

A positive experience - having a go at a Cambridge exam!

Not too hard :)
For the last year, Monwa-sensei has been busy working hard at Ueda-Nishi High School. Tough, with family & friends very out of reach in South Africa...but not such a hard assignment with the very keen English Conversation Club members eager to practice and improve their language skills.

And on March 27th, have a Cambridge opportunity for learners to prove they really "Can Do" for the first time. Thank you teachers at the school for letting us all have this chance, especially as our Speaking Examiners have long needed the experience of practicing with real teenagers, and not each other!

We ran a full 'mock' exam session. Listening was 'hard' because it was "British" - but half the voices were North American. Actual issue = unfamiliarity with the format (such as being able to read the questions first, and hear everything twice...and have to distill meaning rather than detail) ie read the question better!
We Can Do!

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