Thursday, 11 March 2021

How is affecting to Alaska & Venice due to Climate change?

-       Alaska:

    The average temperature in Alaska has increased by approximately 3°F over the past 60 years. This increase is more than twice the warming seen in the rest of the United States. In the winter season it has increased by an average of 6°F and it effects to ecosystems, such as earlier breakup of river ice in the spring.

Due to this problems, indigenous people lose their home. They are forced to move new place. Polar bears are facing more serious situation. They lost living place as well as their food. They are designated as an endangered species.


-       Venice:

The ancient city in Italy will be vanished underwater within a century if global warming cannot stop. Venice will be flooded because the Mediterranean Sea is forecasted to rise by up to 140cm before 2100, according to the research.


My suggestion is as below.

1.     People grasp own carbon footprint.

2.     Think how to reduce CO2 which can do easily.

3.     Try it.

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