Friday, 19 March 2021

Sayuri's least favourite rooms

   Our housing environment has been rather unfortunate.  We had lived in 13 different houses in 35 years, which were all company residences and most of them were extremely old and filthy : a small house with a white snake, a tilted flat which made Mum dizzy, an old flat with big centipedes, a terrible kitchen with a blocked drainage pipe, a frozen cold bedroom where bedside water had been really frozen etc… 

  The worst one was the mouldy flat where the unfaced concrete walls were all covered with mold.  We asked the company to mend them but they had just sprayed some ordinary mold remover on the walls and put some styrofoam boards with some double-sided tape on them.  

  The ceiling looked like it was made of asbestos, so we covered up with some huge sheets of 'washi' papers, just in case.

  There was no proper lighting tool so we used a simple light bulb just like an ancient life which made us rather nostalgic when we had got used to it.

  To make matters worse, our room was on a grand floor and the flat was just beside a very busy road.  There was no space for a washing machine, so we put it on the balcony.  Everytime I washed some clothes and hung them on, I felt all the drivers' eyes on me.  

  We lived there from 2004 to 2005 but we found the flat is still there now, and someone seems to live there still. 

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