Wednesday, 24 March 2021

The Da Vinci tapes

Tom Hanks : "How's the movie, Lenny?"

Leonard da Vinci : "Well, it's a bit of a bizarre story but good fun really. Who in the world invented this motion picture thing by the way. It would be a great entertainment for King Fran├žois the First. Quite clever."

Audrey Tautou : "Did you really draw the figure of John of the Evangelist as Mary Magdalene? Did you create a V-shape for the representative of the chalice and of a woman's womb?"

Leonardo : "Well, well, well. What do you think? If I say 'No', all those rather interesting stories would be ruined completely, wouldn't they. Oh, you are the descendant, aren't you? Your grandpa was a clever man to use my 'Vitruvian Man' though it's a shocking scene, really."

Audrey : "Were you a member of the Priory of Sion, Leonardo?"

Leonardo : "It's pretty rude to ask one's religious beliefs. Didn't you learn at school, Miss?"

Audrey : "Oh yes, but this is important!"

Tom : "Leave him alone, Audrey. He is right. This is none of your business."

Audrey : "But…"

Leonard : "It's ok, young lady. I'm quite a scientific man, you know. I believe only what I see. So…"

Audrey : "Okay, I understand that. Thanks, anyway."

Leonardo : "That's quite all right. Well actually I'm delighted how you people appreciate my art work. You put my precious Lisa del Gioconda in a huge room with bulletproof glass surrounded. I worked on it using new ideas and I had never let her go even when I went to France."

Tom : "We love your paintings and everything, Lenny. You're the most famous and the most popular artist in the world."

Leonardo : "Besides Michelangelo?"

Audrey : "Oh, he is just different. I love your art work the most!"

Leonardo : "Good girl."

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