Saturday, 27 March 2021

Small world - umpteenth event in Matsumoto!

Generations :)
On Friday we welcomed a young learner back to Luna, after taking a year out because mummy & daddy were unable to bring her to play/study with her friends. Although missing a year of English, I'm so glad I have my favourite hand-holder back - but we skipped that option for now of course. Great to have you back H!

Enter granny - and blow me down we know each other! Michiko used to be in a class I taught in a cafe after Sally left Matsumoto, and I vividly remember we watched the opening ceremony of the Nagano Winter Olympics together around a kotatsu (easy lesson that morning!) as a class, with Sachiko, Hama, and Midori. 

Days like today, I really love my job as I realise that life really is a circle - and living in a wonderful place like Matsumoto is not for dilettantes.

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