Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Comic is good for "Slam Dunk"

I was wondering if there is a movie based on novel I read. The only one that I could remember is a cartoon called "Slam Dunk", which was on TV when I was a junior high school student. My sister bought the comics, and I read them too. The story is about a rough high school student, Hanamichi, who tries to attract the attention of a girl, Haruko. He joins the high school basketball club because Haruko likes basketball. He couldn’t play basketball at first, but he enjoys it and becomes a good player as he is athletic. All the characters are attractive, and there is some humour in the story. Also, the author, Takehiko Inoue draw neat pictures and captions. 

The comic was very popular and I was excited as it would be on TV. However, the TV show disappointed me. The voice actors were different from what I imagined, and the animation was awkward. I guess it's because there was not much background imagery. I felt each scene was chopped, and there was no flow. The characters were not enthusiastic or active in the cartoon. Although it's a cartoon, the producers didn’t use the advantage of animation. I guess I wrote too much of bad point of cartoon as I love Slam Dunk. In my conclusion, I like comic better than cartoon.

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