Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Canadian homestay - Sayaka defrosts

Hi, Jim!!

This is sayaka. how are you doing? I'm sorry I haven't sent you an email since i came to Canada

Finally, it started getting warmer recently in Salmo. it was soooooooooo cold in Salmo this winter!! And we had way too much snow I was so excited about snow at first, but I dont want it anymore :( You seem to have had soooo cold winter too!!!I'm so happy cuz i love spring!
have cherry trees bloomed already? I really wanna see them!!

my life in Canada is pretty good - all the members of my host family are sooooooo kind and friendly. I think everyone in this village is very friendly. I've got new friends. I'm enjoying talking with them everyday. I experienced a lot of new things here. I'm having so much fun!!

you'll have a party!?!? ohhhhhh i wanna gooooo!!!
if you take pictures, please send them to me!!! xD

my host sister's is turning to 6 next week. my host brother is 4 years old. i have another host brother whose name is corbin. he is only a year old. they are all sooooooooo cute!!!!!! if i take pictures with all the members of my host family, i'll send them to you!!

hows your life?
I wanna know about members of LUNA too - are they doing ok?

xoxoxo sayaka