Sunday, 26 April 2009

Next Door to Love

1. Does the story have a happy ending? If so, what is it?
This story rather has a happy ending. Because Daisy was able to live near with his father in the end.

2. Do you think that Kathy and Tony are bad parents to Daisy?
I don’t think so. It’s a familiar story.

4.Put a name from the story by each these jobs. Say what you do in the jobs.
a. chef: Stella
b. teacher: Kathy
c. lawyer: Scott
d. judge: Bryant
And I’m a just an office worker. Mainly produce documents.

5. In the book it says that Tony works with computers and got a good job with computers in Scotland. What do you think he does?
I suppose he is a computer repairer. PC products are composed of almost similar parts and repair way doesn’t depend on region culture.

6. What do you think happens to Stella and Tony in Scotland?
They might break up again. People don’t change easily.